I didn’t do as well on my weight loss this week…I guess I hit the wall like they talk about on Biggest Loser…good sized losses for a couple of weeks and then a very small loss (the chili dog last night probably didn’t help).  I weighed myself this morning and only lost 1 pound (.6%) for a total of 9 pounds lost in all (5.14%) 

I’ve been feeling swollen, particularly in my hands and feet so maybe I’m retaining water.  I’m going to drink a good bit of water with lemon for a couple of days and then reweigh on Saturday and see what happens.

Starting Weight: 175

Week 1:  170

Week 2:  167

Week 3: 166 

Goal weight by 2/3: 157.5

I’m not totally sure if I’m going to make my goal by 2/3.  I have 8.5 pounds left to lose in 10 days…a little less than a pound a day.