1. What do you need?  More hours in the day.  By the time I get out of school, get Aidan picked up, fed, bathed and into bed I feel like I have hardly any time left for myself.  Then I feel like I have to decide whether or not to sacrifice sleep for doing things I enjoy in the evenings.  Lately sleep has been winning because my energy level has been so low.  This is why I haven’t made a single thing since before Christmas.

2. What won’t you share? My Amy’s Kitchen Organic Pizzas.  I know, it’s childish and immature but I love them, they’re a tad on the expensive side and I don’t get them often.  I usually wait until Aidan’s in bed before making one, otherwise I’d have to give her a bite or (!) even a whole piece.  Luckily, Ryan doesn’t like them much so when he’s home, he leaves them alone.

3. What do you hurry through?  My homework.  Truth be told, I am dang freakin’ tired of school.  I’m fairly irritated at all these “reflections” I have to write…7 of them a week!  Just let me get on with it and teach already!

4. Who is worth waiting for?  Why My Sweet Ryan, of course.  I feel like I’ve been waiting for him forever.  Waiting for him to finish law school, waiting for him to finish Basic & AIT, waiting for him to come home from the NTC, and now, waiting for him to come home from Iraq.  Ah well, he’s worth it…wherever he goes, I go.

5. I can’t bear to ________.  I cannot bear to change lipsticks.  I tend to find a shade and stick with it…for a very long time.  I wore the same shade from my junior year in high school until my first year of grad school…right about 7 years (Estee’ Lauder Maplesugar).  My roommate convinced me that it was time for a change so I changed over to another Estee’ Lauder  color (the name has slipped my mind) but it turned out to be a limited edition (that made me crazy).  So, I went back to Maplesugar, which I wore for until shortly after Aidan was born (from 2001 to 2005).  I changed over to a Mary Kay shade not too long after Aidan was born which I wore until last year when I changed over to a Chanel shade.  It takes me forever to find one I like.  I don’t like them to have a scent (which is why I don’t wear grocery store lipstick) and it has to be the perfect shade of brownish red.  There’s not much I’m picky about but for some odd reason, lipstick is it.

 Wow…what a long treatise on lipstick…I need to find other things to think about!