Aidan has been tagged by her cousin Norah (the new big sister) of The Robinson County Post to complete her very first meme–“8 Random Things About My Life”. If you know my child you know she LOVES to talk so it’ll probably be hard for her to keep it at 8.

Mommy says I’m supposed to tell you some random facts about myself.  Ready, on your marks, get set, GO!

1.  My favorite show is The Wiggles and my favorite Wiggles are Jeff (the purple one) and Murray (the red one).  I get to watch The Wiggles when I’m eating dinner.

2.  I love my school.  My 2 best friends are named Emily.  I learn about parts of my body, how to share, letters, numbers, colors and shapes and all that fun stuff.

3.  Even though I was born in Texas, I’ve developed quite a Georgia/Southern accent that my mama thinks is cute.  When I want something I say “I wont some!”

4.  At night I pray for my daddy in Iraq and all of my family except I say “Glah bess” instead of “God bless”.

5.  My favorite accessory right now is my pair of pink sunglasses.  I wear them in the morning when I wake up because the light is just too bright.

6.  I love to talk on the phone.  I have 2 play cell phones, a play regular phone and I talk on Mommy’s cell phone.  I especially love calling my Grandmommy and Papa and talking to them.

7.  I give my stuffed animals unique names.  My bears are named Ronnie and Homer and I have a doggie named Khaki.

8.  My favorite things to eat are chicken, cheese, bananas and apples.  I especially love strawberry milk and lemonade.