That’s what my mom always says instead of Happy New Year.  Yeah we’re weird.  😉

We spent the day hanging out, being low key and packing up to go home.  I think Aidan is definitely ready to go home.  She keeps talking about “Aidan’s house” and naming all of her friends and teachers at school.  Yeah, she’s ready to go as much as she’s crazy about her grandmommy and papa.

For lunch we had the traditional Texan New Year’s meal: ham (not sure why…we’ve just always eaten ham on New Year’s), cabbage (for money) and black-eyed peas (for luck).  My mom stir-fried the cabbage with onion and bacon and it was incredible!  Aidan wasn’t too keen on the cabbage but she loved the ham and rice that my mom gave her (Aidan is a big fan of rice!)

Happy 2008 to one and all!

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