We’re still visiting family but I couldn’t stay away from here for too long.  I left my cable at home so I don’t have any Christmas photos to upload yet. 

I am, however, completely inspired by the color combination I’m seeing in the new lines out at Baby Gap.  Pink and blue is such a fun, girly/nautical look.  With giftcards from my mom and stepdad I got Aidan an adorable pink top with big graphic navy blue daisies and a matching khaki skirt with pink and blue embroidered daisies (sorry, no pics online yet).  I wish more of this line were online right now but here’s some of what is really catching my eye and inspiring me for the coming spring (which, lets face it, in the South is coming quicker than I’d like to admit!)

LOVING these Wellies…good for my pocketbook they don’t come in Aidan’s size!

So now I’m on the prowl for some fun, bold, graphic pink and navy prints for the spring.  If anyone knows of any and can point me in the right direction I would be very appreciative!