My name is Tara and I am zipperphobic.  I’m making my daughter a jumper and I’ve gotten to the point where I’m supposed to put the zipper in and I’m paralyzed with fear…I cannot go on.  Ironically, I chose this pattern because 1) it said it was “Very Easy” and 2) the Amy Butler Barcelona skirt I wanted to make for myself required a zipper.  Ugh.  I’ve put one whole zipper in in my life and it did not go well.  Think lots of cursing (mostly in my head) and an intimate relationship with my seam ripper…not even a very long phone call with my mother (a former professional seamstress) could help me…I’m zipper-impaired, apparently.  I’m really, really, REALLY leaning towards just using buttons…maybe even covered buttons.  I just DO NOT want to do a zipper.  I do not like them, Sam Tara I am.