After I posted the candy corn dress, my cousin-in-law, Angela, told me I would become addicted to applique.  I don’t think I’m quite addicted yet but I’m getting better and really enjoy it!

Case in point:  I made Aidan this cute little A-line dress from the same Children’s Corner “Lucy” pattern that I used on the candy corn dress.  It goes together super easily and quick and looks adorable.  I used chambray and red plaid to line it and top stitched the bottom hem to add a little something.  I also used these adorable little Scottie dog buttons but I still felt it was just a little too plain.

It occurred to me that I could applique a little Scottie dog onto the skirt.  Angela recommended that I use tear-away stabilizer to prevent puckering.  It totally worked!  Love it!  🙂  It turned out really cute and I know Aidan is going to love it…she loves animals.

Thanks, Angela!  I believe I’ll be trying t-shirts and onesies next!