As I was driving home from school today I noticed some stuff outside a house not too far from ours.  Aidan and I got home and then walked over to the house to check the stuff over.  A family is getting ready to PCS (move to another post in Army-speak) so they’re getting rid of a bunch of stuff that’s just too hard to move.  Here on post, when people move and they don’t have the time or inclination to sell their stuff, they set it outside and it almost always gets picked up.  Freecycling, Army style! 

Anyway, the stuff looked good, especially a few things so we walked back home, got Daddy’s truck (which needed to be driven anyway) and drove on over to pick up a rather large item.  A nice soldier in a Mustang stopped to help me put it in the truck and Aidan and I got it home and set up in the backyard.  Its only got one minor flaw that Ryan can fix when he gets home next month. 

So, we are now the proud owners of a FREE swingset!  Aidan LOVES it!

She was yelling for me to get up out of the grass.

Action shot…I was at the bottom of the slide, photographing her as she slid down.  Don’t mind the non-matching shoes and socks, it was Tacky Day at her school today.

One happy girl