To kill time before class a couple of weeks ago, I went into my favorite local fabric shop, Sweet Treasures, and the first thing I saw was this adorable little A-line jumper that I had to make.  It went together really easily.  I used the Children’s Corner “Lucy” pattern, baby wale corduroy, orange pima check for the lining.  I stacked a yellow and black button and stitched them on together. 


This was my first time appliquing and it went pretty easily.  The fusible interfacing didn’t stick to the corduroy very well so that made it kinda tough and I somehow got the corduroy a little lumpy between the candy corns but, overall, it turned out pretty well.  I need to get better at sewing straighter.  The original had yellow ric-rac going around the arms and neck.  I tried sewing it on but I just can’t seem to get the hang of sewing ric-rac on…I’m just too crooked and all over the place.

Aidan’s going to wear it tomorrow to the pumpkin patch for some photos, hayrides and, of course, pumpkin picking.