Aidan went to school in her big girl panties today.  Her fantastic teachers have been working with her on potty training and they thought she might be ready for the big step to panties.  I sent several backup outfits and panties, fully expecting her to be in them when I picked her up today.

Nope!  Still in the same outfit, same panties.  She stayed dry through the whole day of playing, eating, reading and even napping!  I am SOOOO proud of my girl!  She’s not a baby anymore, she’s a big girl, wearing her big girl Elmo panties!

She turned 29 months today…it’s gone by SO fast.  Looking at how big she is now and how little she was 28-29 months ago gives me SUCH a bad case of baby fever (well, makes an already bad case even worse!)  When Ryan gets home for R&R we’ll be trying for #2.  Send us all the babydust, prayers, good thoughts and wishes you can muster!