Back when I was redoing my room I discovered the amazing artist Jessilynn at SparksFly Illustrations.  She recently had a buy one get one free sale on her Etsy site.  I’d been wanting to get some of her art for Aidan’s room and this was the perfect opportunity!  I love her trailer “I Heart Sweet Home” series…it’s so quirky and cute and girly!  I got Mint Hot Chocolate and Pistachio Ice Cream.  I LOVE the little bicycle on the Pistachio Ice Cream print.  So cute.  Here they are, hanging in Aidan’s reading nook.

(I’m probably going to be getting rid of or moving that big bulging net o’ stuffed animals…it’s getting RIDICULOUS!)

Thank you so much, Jessilynn!  Y’all, if you want some beautiful, touching, fun art to spruce up your home, you HAVE to check her out!

What are you still doing here…GO!