I love having a clean house but the downside is that I tend to lose things.  I move them from their appointed pile (I’m a pile-maker) and then can’t remember where I put them.

Case in point:  I bought some really cute iron-on Halloween t-shirt embellishments about a month ago.  They lived on my dining room table (along with everything else sewing related that I own) until I decided to “organize” and now I can’t find them.

So, now I’m searching for those items because I am feeling October slipping away already.  I have the materials to make a precious Halloween jumper for Aidan along with these cute little t-shirt embellishments and we’re already 5 days into October.

We’re not even going to talk about the fact that aside from cutting out Aidan’s Halloween costume, I haven’t touched at all.  Carnivals and parties keep popping up further and further from Halloween and closer and closer to NOW!  YIKES! 

On the other hand, the faster November can get here, the happier I’ll be.  Ryan is coming home that month for R&R, we’re going to Savannah for a romantic getaway, having family portraits made and its our 4 year anniversary.  I’ve decorated for fall, harvest and Thanksgiving…giving thanks for all that we have.