I had kind of a crummy week at school last week so I did a little retail therapy at the local Salvation Army.  I usually don’t have much success there so I had planned on moving on to Goodwill after a cursory perusal.  The first thing I saw was this cool burlap purse with felt and yarn flowers (which I later learned had a very cool vintage 70s lining) for $5.00.  It was a sign of very good things to come.

Then I found a rack (I think it had just been brought out) of some high end toddler clothes so I grabbed up pretty much everything in Aidan’s size and some stuff for next spring/summer.  Sorry, no pics of that stuff, it’s all in the wash.  6 pieces at $2.50/piece.

Moving back into the furniture section I ran across 3 50s era elementary school desks from a local school.  My mother-in-law gave Aidan a little chair/desk for her birthday that was a garish brightly colored plastic Elmo.  Aidan loved it and sat and colored at it almost everyday but it totally looked out of place in my living room.  One of these vintage desks would be perfect!  I snagged one of those babies right up!  It looks much better in my living room.  Elmo is currently residing on my front porch, awaiting garbage day.  Aidan saw it and told Elmo he was in time-out.  Funny kid.  Cost of desk: $10.

Moving on, I saw a couple of cool vintage sheets.  Snagged those (they’re also in the wash so no pics).  $1.00/each.

Finally, I got to the book section.  The school district must’ve cleaned out some old storage because there were some really cool, old student and teacher textbooks.  I have this idea of collecting vintage textbooks and keeping them in my future classroom.  Who knows where a great teaching idea may come from?  I also found a couple of spiritual/Christian books, published in 1919 and 1932 for my grandmother’s birthday, an old Christmas children’s book that tells the story of Christ’s birth, a really cool adolescent literature book about baseball (I bought it for the cover art mostly) for my future son’s room that I plan on decorating in a vintage baseball theme.  I also found an old book on spaceflight (I collect these and am always on the lookout for them). 12 books at $1 each.

So all in all, I spent almost $50 but it was a very good haul and it really helped lift me out of my little funk.