Howdy all…I’m so sorry I’ve been away for a while.  Things have been crazy busy here.  I am taking a full load of coursework to complete my teaching certification, in addition to working fulltime and volunteering for a youth and children’s ministry on Wednesday nights at church.  Whew, I get tired just thinking about it all. 

So anyway, the update…thanks for all of your comments, suggestions and concerns about the quilt top.  I used a mix of Cascade powdered dish detergent, warm water and salt and scrubbed the rust spots with a bottle brush.  Then I washed in the washing machine and trimmed the strings…voila, good as new!  🙂

 The planets have aligned and by some miracle, this Big XII fan is actually getting to see a Big XII game in the heart of SEC-country!  The Fightin’ Texas Aggies are currently beating Fresno State and it’s on MY TV.  Whoop!  Gig ‘Em, Ags!

I’ve organized my fabrics and can now put all my scrapping stuff back on my craftnook shelves.  I bought a 3 drawer Rubbermaid dresser at Wal-Mart last weekend and finally got around to refolding and putting it all away.  I have a lot of dang fabric!  🙂

Sorry there aren’t any photos…my camera batteries are dead at the moment…gotta charge ’em!

Beat the hell outta Fresno State!  Whoop!