Thursdays after school are one of the only 2 days I have to run errands and go shopping.  Today I went to the “other” Goodwill in Phenix City.  I’d never been to it before but figured that it couldn’t be any worse than the Columbus Goodwill (which sucks by the way).  I actually had some decent luck.  I found 3 vintage 70s sheets, a very vintage Mirro “Dial-A-Cookie” kit, a metal ivory candle stand that I’m going to somehow figure out how to use in my Sweet & Sinister Swap and a very cool mug (probably from the 70s) that’s marked Lobeco (from Japan).

I also found some vintage oil company (Gulf Oil) glasses that I’ll give my dad for Christmas.  He collects vintage oil company memorabelia (particularly Gulf since he retired from Gulf which eventually became Chevron).  I’m definitely going to have to go back there!