When we moved into our house on post, I laid claim to the breakfast nook and declared it my craftnook.  Taking inspiration from various scrapbooking mags, I organized my space, Ryan built me a table and I got it all ready for me to scrap to my little heart’s content.

I used vintage dresser scarves to line the shelves, refinished a found nightstand to use to hold scrap paper and stored stamps, ribbons and punches in vintage jars and containers I found at local thrift stores.

Unfortunately, I rarely, if ever scrap anymore, as I’ve gotten into sewing, quilting and embroidery.  So, now I need to convert my craftnook into a sewing area.  There are a few scrapping items I do want to keep because I enjoy cardmaking but I want it to primarily serve the purpose of containing my sewing supplies.  So, I’m on the lookout for inspiration.

MissesKwitty’s Fabric Organization/Storage Solution



And of course, the incomparable Alicia Paulson’s beautiful studio that has been profiled in Better Homes & Gardens as well as Romantic Homes.

If anyone has any ideas, links or pics for me to consider, I’d appreciate it…as would my dining room table which has been buried since May.  😉