As all of you are probably aware, there have been boocoodles of recalls on children’s toys made in China due to lead paint. Although Aidan is not much of a toy enthusiast (thankfully, my baby is a budding young bibliophile), I am still concerned because every now and then she will play with her toys and I certainly don’t want her to be exposed to lead paint.  I’m also concerned about the environmental issues regarding making and then disposing of all these plastic toys when kids are done with them.  I think about previous generations, my grandmother’s and mother’s generations,  and the fact that they had much higher quality toys but a much lower quantity, a very edited collection.  I find myself drawn to vintage tin and wood toys and handmade plush toys and softies for Aidan and our future children to enjoy.  I want her to enjoy and love what she has, not be overwhelmed by a toybox full of junk, KWIM?

Vintage Fisher Price School House, Bus, and Little People Lot

Vintage Early 60s Playskool Postal Station Mailbox Set

Vintage Brio Wooden Pulltoy

New Wooden IKEA Beaded Roller Coaster Maze Toy

Handmade Wooden Puzzles

It’s not too early for me to start thinking about and even buying a few things to put away for Aidan’s Christmas presents this year.  She’ll definitely need it after I finish emptying her toybox!