Yet another first from my friend, Jessilynn, my first blog award!  The award is for bloggers who are always very pleasant and just plain nice, because it does matter! 

I nominate these deserving individuals:

My cousin-in-law, Angela, at Robinson County Post.  She’s the wife of my dear cousin, Jason, who my brother and I pretty much grew up with (along with his brother).  She’s a wonderful wife, mother and friend and a Godly woman.  She’s also pretty darn crafty!

Pink, at Casapinka and Pink Mohair.  She has beautiful insightful posts and really cares about people (she’s an MD!)  Also, the goodies she brought back from Ireland are TDF!

 Finally, Karla from Ainsley’s Mom, my partner from the Summer Goodness Swaps.  She’s probably one of the kindest individuals I’ve “met” in the “blogosphere.”