I saw this meme here and thought it would be fun.

4 Jobs I’ve Had:

– Hospital gift shop worker (high school)
– French horn private lesson teacher (college)
– 5th grade teacher
– Research associate for MFAH

4 Films I would watch over & over:

You’ve Got Mail
Apollo 13
Steel Magnolias

4 Places I have lived:

– Houston, Texas
– Fredricksburg, Virginia
– Grand Forks, North Dakota
– Columbus, Georgia

4 Favorite TV Shows:

Grey’s Anatomy
The Office (American Version)
Project Runway

4 Favorite Foods:

– Mexican (Tex-Mex)
– Korean
– Warm Spinach Salad
– Fresh vegetables

4 Websites I visit everyday:

– my own
– etsy
– my blog friends
– eBay

4 Places I love to be:

– in my house ALONE when Aidan is at day school
– the fabric store
– anywhere with Ryan
– with my family during the holidays

4 Favorite Colors:

– lime green
– pink
– sage green
– black

4 Names I love but wouldn’t use for my children:

– Jack
– Braeden (rhymes with Aidan and I’m not into rhyming kids names)
– David (we already have 2 of those in our family)
– Michael (we know too many)