Well, not really, but I am trying to learn how to take more beautiful pictures with the camera I have.  I’ve been working on making the depth of field shallower so I can just focus on the item or person I’m photographing.  I’ve also been making a conscious effort to use natural light rather than the flash or overhead light.  Here are some recent results.

I have no idea what this is a picture of but I like it and it’s sort of what I’m going for.  The edge of whatever that is is in sharp focus while the rest is blurry.

Experimenting…this is my wedding set.

More experimentation…don’t ask me why I used pink gingham with my Aggie Ring

Here I focused on a further away object and kept the closer one blurry.  Oh yeah, that’s Bella, the rescue kitty we adopted from the Muscogee County Humane Society on Saturday.  Aidan adores her.