I found this on Jenn’s blog “Serving the Queens” and thought it was a great idea.  My husband always has such wonderful things to say about what he loves about me so I thought I might be able to come up with a list of my own.  10 things I love about me.

1)  My love of learning.  I pride myself on being a pretty smart cookie.  I love school and have 2 degrees, a BA in History from Texas A&M and an MA in Space & Exploration Studies from the University of Houston.  Now I’m working on my teacher certification and would go back and get my Ph.D. if Ryan would let me.  As it is, I’ve been in college for almost 12 years.  I’m addicted.

2)  My hair.  I was never the teenaged girl who hated her hair, it’s always been, as my mother put it, my crowning glory.  I cut it WAY too short last summer and really disliked it but I’ve been letting it grow since then and it’s back to a length that suits me.  It’s been just about every shade of blonde there is, from dark blonde in middle school (and now because I haven’t colored it in a while) to platinum in college, honey blonde in high school to white blonde as a child…it’s been all over the spectrum.

3)  My c-section scar.  Yeah, I know, it’s a weird thing to love but I do.  I think of it sort of as my “badge of honor”.  Labor with my daughter was far from easy.  My cervix is not where it’s supposed to be (straight back), mine is back and to the left, so having Aidan proved to be extremely difficult.  Throughout my pregnancy I was always very comfortable with the idea of a c-section and even mentioned that I figured I’d push for a while and wind up having to have one.  I was right…Aidan was trying to come out with the side of her head first (because of my weird cervix) although they thought it was shoulder dystocia at the time.  My OB did a fantastic job with my section, placing the incision very low (millimeters above my pubic bone) and only 3 inches long.  I love my scar.  🙂

4)  My lips.  My whole life I’ve been complimented on my lips.  They’re full and have the perfect top of the heart shape (bow?) at the top.  Luckily, Aidan got my lips.

5)  My nose.  Growing up, my mother called it a button.  She used to tell me that someone stole my nose and put a button in its place.  I loved hearing that.  I don’t know how I lucked into having such a little nose…family members on both sides of me have some pretty prominent proboscises.  At my bachelorette party I had to convince someone of a lie about myself so I convinced a guy that I’d had a nose job.  He totally bought it…told me it was perfect and if I’d give him my doctor’s number since his had been broken and he’d like it fixed.  Oops.

6)  My passion.  I am and always have been a VERY passionate person.  When I saw the space shuttle launch in 2000, I cried like a baby (yes, I’m a NASA nerd).  When I read my first book on the history of the space program I was hooked and had to have every book on the subject I could get my hands on.  When I find a new hobby (scrapbooking, beading, sewing, etc) I get into it in a big way, buying books and supplies out the yin yang.  I once dumped a guy because he didn’t “emote” enough.  I embrace life and need a guy that does too…thank God Ryan is as passionate about things as I am.

7)  My devotion to kids with special needs.  I quite literally stumbled into a position as a substitute teacher last October as a paraprofessional in a class with 6 students with special needs.  I’d never worked with kids in their situations before but by the end of the week, I’d fallen in love with them.  This is us on hat day:

8)  My earbump.  I was born with a tiny bump of skin on the tragus of my left ear.  The docs were going to cut it off but my dad wouldn’t let them.  It’s always been sort of oddly special to me.  Even in 1st grade when kids thought it was a chicken pox after I came back from being out with chicken pox for a week.

9)  My ability to wake up in what Ryan calls “A whole new world.”  I can go to bed upset about something but when I wake up I have a whole new perspective on things and nothing seems as bad as it did the night before.

Whew, almost done! 

10)  My ability to sleep anywhere at anytime.  Keeps me well rested!  🙂

Wow, that was harder than it should’ve been!  I tag Angela, Pink and anyone else who would like to give it a try.