It’s my 100th post!  Yay, I’m so excited I’ve actually stuck with this for this long.  🙂 

I actually have 1 project in progress, a tiered skirt from Kuky Ideas.  It’s made from 3 pieces of pima cotton check that I bought as remnants from Sweet Treasures.  Unfortunately, while cutting out the top tier, I somehow lost 2 inches…cut it to 14 instead of 16″ wide so now it doesn’t fit Aidan.  Dang it.  Oh well, I have a flea market coming up that I want to sell some of my handmade goodies at so I’ll list this as 12-18 months and sell it there.

This is the piece I made too small.


I still need to baste the top of the green piece, gather it and attach it to the pink piece.  I still think it’s going to be a really cute skirt, I just am bummed that I made the pink part too small for Aidan.  Unfortunately, since it was a remnant, I don’t have enough pink to make another one.  Although, now that I’m thinking…I might take the pink tier apart and add panels on the side to make it larger.  I think that might be what I do.  Next time, measure twice, cut once.  That and, I want a quilting ruler (one of those clear ones) and a rotary cutter so my straight lines really are straight.