1. What kind of seam ripper do you use?
– One like this:

2. What do you use to snip threads at the sewing machine?
– small Fiskars scissors, like these:

3. What do you use to cut out patterns/fabric?
– I have 2 pair of Fiskars scissors, like these:

4. Do you stash zippers?
– Nope…hate zippers

5. Which takes up more space in your stash — knits or wovens?
– wovens by far!

6. Are you wearing anything today that you made?
– Nope, I rarely sew for myself…sewing for my daughter is WAY more fun.

7. Does anyone else in your family currently sew?
– My grandmother and mother.  My mother was a professional seamstress when I was a child.

8. What is the last $$ sewing-related (non-fabric) item you bought?
– 2 Japanese Craft books, Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol, and Sublime Stitching (can’t remember the author and the book is in my room).

9. Cutting out, pressing, hemming. Which one do you like the LEAST?
– Cutting out, definitely

10. Do you have any non-chain garment fabric stores in your local area?
– Yes, Sweet Treasures is a fabulous shop about 7 miles from me.

If anyone else wants to participate, go for it!!