Ok, truth be told, I hate it when people say that…being a space nerd and all since the original quote was “Houston, we’ve had a problem.”  But that’s a post for another day and another blog.  😉  Anywho, back to my original thought, we have a placket!  After 4 tries on my own, 2 with my mom’s help over the phone and 1 with help from y’all, my wonderful blog friends and some posts on a sewing forum, I got nowhere.  I did get a thoroughly chewed up continuous lap piece though:


So today I took it all apart, cut a new lap piece (thank goodness I had a lot of fabric…this dress is made from a vintage sheet) and went to my favorite local sewing shop and in about 2 minutes, the owner happily showed me exactly how to do it.  Once I saw it done it looked so easy…why couldn’t I have figured this out?  So here she in, in all her glory:

It looks weird because this fabric tends to keep the holes that are left after you stitch a zillion times and then rip it out.  Now, all that’s left is finishing stitching the facing to the inside and attaching the buttons.