Yet again, I am lost.  I’m sure you’re all beginning to think that I need special ed classes instead of teaching in them with all of my problems with pattern instructions!  😉  Ok, here’s the deal, I totally, completely 100% don’t get this…here are the pics to help explain:

Say what now?  I might as well be reading the Spanish underneath for as much as I understood this.  The picture is even less helpful.

Here’s my “Continuous Lap” piece (with pins to show where the circles are I transfered from the pattern).  You’d think they could name this with something that helped you figure out what the heck it’s for. 

Here’s the skirt back with the slash cut between the reinforcing stitches.

I kinda played with it and I spoke to my mom on the phone and I’m wondering if it’s supposed to look like this?

If so, where do I baste?  It looks like from the pattern diagram that the basting should be horizontal. 

Do I unfold the 2 sides that are flipped up, baste the lap band on then flip those sides up as pictured and stitch the sides of the band to the edges of the slash?

If you haven’t realized, I’m pretty confused!