So, I’ve been wondering a few things and hope that y’all are able to answer.

 1)  What kind of paper do you use to trace patterns on?  Previously, I taped notebook paper together but just putting the paper together took as long as tracing and copying the pattern.

2)  I want to learn to smock.  Smocked dresses and such are so popular here in the South but to buy them is extremely expensive.  Are there any books or tutorials out there that I could use to teach me?

3)  Where do y’all find vintage fabrics?  I love beautiful soft cottons in vintage prints…clue me in!

4)  I am loving the Japanese craft books but can’t seem to find the ones I want.  Is it possible to buy on the Japanese Amazon site from the US?  Here are the ones I like

ISBN Number  4-579-11054-4


ISBN Number 4-579-11136-2


ISBN Number 4-579-11132-X


ISBN Number 4-579-10970-8


ISBN Number 4-579-11147-8


ISBN Number 4-277-72240-7

I know about but I’m just sort of nervous about ordering something with no English translations.  For those of y’all who’ve sewn out of these…is it hard not being able to read the instructions?