I saw this meme at Thingamababy and thought it would be fun: What is the meaning of your child’s name, and how or why did you make that choice?

When we found out we were having a girl I started making lists of names that I liked.  We knew we wanted Christine to be her middle name.  It’s a family middle name, Ryan’s grandmother, aunt and cousin all have Christine as their middle name.  Aidan is the fourth generation with the name so that was a given for us.  I would give my lists to Ryan and he would cross out the ones he didn’t like.  Around Halloween 2004, I bought a book called Beyond Jennifer and Jason, Madison and Montana that had tons of ideas for baby names and ran across an actress (can’t even remember her name) who had named her daughter “Aidan Rose”.  I thought it was cute to give a girl a boys name so I put it on the list.  By mid-November Ryan had marked everything out on the list except Aidan Christine, and he had circled that one.  We kept kicking it around, doing the “yell test” (ya know, you get irritated with your kid and you yell her full name…that’s the yell test, you see if it sounds ok when you yell it all out) and tossing it out to various people to see what they thought.  We decided that we definitely liked it so I went online and searched for the meaning of the name.  Aidan is Gaelic for “fiery one” and is the name of a former king of Ireland.  Both my name and Ryan’s names are Gaelic and we very much liked the idea of giving our children Gaelic names and we both have a great deal of Irish blood.  Once she got big enough in my belly to really start kicking, we knew that she really was a fiery one and the name would fit.  Two years later, it is an extremely fitting name, my little Aidan has QUITE a fiery personality.  Christine is the feminine version of Christian so we liked that aspect as well, as we are a Christian family.

The only thing is, since we gave our first child a boys name, I worry that I can’t give any future daughters an overtly feminine name like Lily or Emily.  This whole baby naming business is tough stuff!