We got up this morning and headed out to Hancock Fabrics for thread.  Lucky for me, they were having their Memorial Day sale.  I got 2 spools of thread (30% off), orange buttons, and 3 McCall’s patterns ($.99 each!!!)  I got over $40.00 worth of patterns for $3!  Yay!  I love it when they have sales like that!  Now I know why when I was a little girl my mom would be in such a good mood when we left the fabric store with tons of patterns.  🙂

So, anyway, we got home and after I put Aidan down for her nap I got my needle rethreaded with the new thread and did 3 perfect practice buttonholes.  So, I summoned the courage to actually make them on the dress.  Success!  The dress is now finished and I tried it on Aidan.  It’s a little short so I’ll probably either make her some bloomers or shorts to go with it when she grows and makes it look like a shirt.

I’m in love with these little dresses and want to make more…except next time I lengthen the hem!