Making buttonholes is hard.

Making buttonholes with the TOTALLY wrong thread?  Impossible.

I realized this evening, after destroying about 15 trialruns, that I’ve been using quilting thread all along.  Well that would explain why it felt like dental floss!  (Slaps forehead)  So, after three phone calls to my mother (who, by the way, is a former professional seamstress), me taking my bobbin mechanism apart about 6 times to dig out the wad of fabric that the needle shoved into that little hole and having to remove my needle when it got stuck in the wad in the hole, I happened to look at my spool of thread and noticed that it said “Quilting Thread.”  I’m an idiot.  Wanna see the remains of the mess I made??  Here are two of my disaster holes.  For some reason, the right side was always the one that got messed up.  We’ll see if things don’t go smoother with the right thread tomorrow.

I’m over my frustration now, though.  I also decided not to put the ric-rac on.  I think the fabric is busy enough without adding anything else.