Today I went to Hobby Lobby to spend a giftcard I’ve had for a while.  I found some gorgeous blue fabric on sale for $3.00/yd!  I also ran across some brown broadcloth for $1.87/yd.  I guess I’m weird that I like to pick out fabric first before patterns.  I always remember my mom doing it the opposite.  Oh well, to each her own, I guess.  I went to look for a pattern and the front of the first pattern book I saw had a beautiful dress that would work perfectly with the fabrics I chose.  Woo hoo.  Gotta love serendipitous moments like that!  I’m a tad nervous because the dress has a zipper in it but I think with the help of my mom over the phone, a friend of mine here in GA (she’s actually the mom of one of my students) where I can take whatever mess I’ve made to get help and my wonderful blogland friends, I think I can handle it.


I’m making the top right view (patterned fabric with black trim).

On the glowing reviews I found on the Sew, Mama, Sew! blog, I bought the Amy Butler Barcelona Skirts pattern on Ebay.  I love wearing skirts during the summer for running around town.  A cute skirt, a fitted T and some cute sandals and I’m all set!  I love this pattern because it makes three skirts, a layered skirt, A-Line skirt and an adorable apron overlay to wear with jeans.  So excited to get it!

Tomorrow is my first day of freedom, I mean, summer.  Aidan is still in day care until the 29th so I’m going to cut out the fabric and pattern I got for her.  It’s a simple little A-line dress which I’ve been told is simple and a good starter project.  I’ll post my progress!