Apparently I’ve been living under a rock due to my self-imposed news moratorium (I haven’t watched the news since my brother first deployed to Iraq and now I really don’t with Ryan there).  I had absolutely no idea that such a heart breaking story has been unfolding half a world away.  However, tonight during my nightly blog reading session I found the story of Madeleine McCann on Pink Mohair.  She was abducted from her hotel room while her parents dined 150 yards away.  She is a beautiful blonde-haired little girl who could be any of our daughters and was taken from her parents for God knows why.  I keep thinking about how last night I left Aidan sleeping in her room while I drove Ryan’s truck around the cul-de-sac to keep it running.  There, but for the Grace of God, go I.  I pray that this beautiful little girl is found safe and sound and returned to her parents.  Donate to the fund…I did.  Pray for her, her family and her captors to whatever Supreme Being you believe in.  I’m going to go hold my baby and thank God that she is home safe with me.