My girl is 2 today.  I know it’s cliched but where the heck did the time go?  It’s strange, it seems like forever since she was just a tiny baby but it also feels like yesterday that she was born.  She’s really come into her own lately.  She LOVES animals and books and the swingset at the playground and Elmo.  Her favorite foods are applesauce, cheese and plain yogurt.  She recently gave up her addiction to “Baboo” (her name for her pacifier).  She sleeps with ‘Lanket (a pink minkee and satin blanket) and “Ronnie”, the teddy bear some friends of ours gave her for her first birthday.  She’s a total daddy’s girl, Papa’s girl (my stepdad, her grandfather) and Granddaddy’s girl (my mother’s father).  When she spends time with the kids in my class, she doesn’t see their mental or physical disabilities, she just sees another kid to play with and love on (she calls them babies).  Her heart is huge and loving and it scares me so much to think about her growing up and putting it out there to get broken but I know it’s my job as a mother to raise her to do just that.  Happy Birthday, my precious Baby Aidan.

Aidan Christine, 8lbs 3ozs, May 9, 2005 12:34pm