When I was a little girl, I remember going to McDonalds and Pizza Hut and Popeye’s Chicken to get the collectible glasses that they sold there along with whatever movie or cartoon they were promoting.  We got Star Wars glasses, Care Bears glasses and Great Muppet Caper glasses.  The last 2 sets I still own and use even though they’re over 20 years old.  I love these glasses and love that when I use them they remind me of my childhood.  I hated that so many places quit doing collectible glasses and started giving away junky plastic cups that no one ever kept.

Watching TV today I saw that McDonalds is reviving an old tradition and will be selling collectible Shrek the Third glasses starting May 11.  I love that they’re starting this again for a new generation of kids.  I also love that they’re doing it along with their “Going Green” promotion.  My family tossed tons of those junky plastic cups over the years, I’m sure contributing to a landfill somewhere in SE Texas.  I’ll be purchasing a set of these Shrek glasses for Aidan and me to use and keep and add to my collection.

I wish I could find a photo online somewhere to show you but I haven’t had any luck. 

My cousin-in-law, Angela, found a picture of the glasses.  Thanks Angela!