I stole this Meme from Rebecca at Thrifty Goodness.   I’ve never done one of these on a blog (I don’t even know what a “Meme” is or how you pronounce it).

Go to Google and write your name and the word ‘needs’, in quotes — as in “Tara needs.” Find the first 10 “logical” sentences that come up and make your comments after. Here’s what I got:

1.  Tara needs sex fix or she’ll flip! (Well, my husband has been gone for almost two months)

2.  Tara needs math lessons.  (Yep, this is true…it took 3 tries to pass freshman level math in college)

3.  Tara needs a home.  (No I don’t…I’m perfectly happy where I am, thank you!)

4.  Tara needs to keep her clothes on.  (Hmm…it sucks sharing a name with a skank like Tara Reid)

5.  Tara needs a workbench so that she doesn’t ruin her table while working on projects.  (Actually, Ryan built me a beautiful table before he left so I really don’t need a workbench.)

6.  Tara needs a wrangler.  (Huh?)

7. Tara needs to accept that no one is self sufficient all the time.  (This is a valuable lesson…especially for me!)

8.  Tara needs to do some house cleaning!  (Yup…but I don’t want to)

9.  Tara needs to stop copying my social studies homework.  (Uh, I have a degree in history, I don’t copy anyone’s social studies homework!)

10.  Tara needs anti-wrinkle cream.  (Sadly, I am starting to notice some lines on my forehead that just aren’t going away)