WOO HOO!!!!!

I got home from work today to pick up a few things before picking up Aidan from day care.  I got the mail and I got a letter from Ryan!!  I was SO excited, I ran into the house, ripped it open, read it, sniffed it then cried.  He’s doing well…on his way to a promotion.  He’s so tenderhearted, the conditions of the Iraqi’s housing breaks his heart.  He wants me to send candy to toss to the kids and find a book for a buddy of his whose wife won’t send him anything (or as Ryan puts it…his wife could give a “rat’s ass”).  Also in my mail was a birthday card from Ryan’s aunt and uncle and in it was a Target giftcard.  Double yay! 

So, then I picked Aidan up and took her to Linday’s house for her to play with their dog, Abby.  Aidan’s been looking forward to seeing Abby all week.  After I dropped her off, I went to Target to spend my happy giftcard then picked up some yummy Korean food and went home.  I checked my email to find…I got an email from Ryan!!!  He told me he may be changing jobs to a newer, safer one, and that he got my care package I sent a few weeks ago.

What a wonderful day!