Today, while Aidan was at day care, I spent my first day of spring break checking out the local thrift shops and my favorite antique shop owned by a fellow Texan.  I got lots of glass cannisters and containers to hold my various scrapbooking and craft supplies.  I also found a cool item for my Spring Swap at the antique shop.  Finally, I got a fantastic deal on a new printer/scanner/copier ($80!) and a 1Gb Flash Drive ($15!).  We have a printer that’s on our wireless network but we didn’t have a scanner so when I saw that deal, I had to jump on it.

Here’s my Craftnook in it’s intermediate state.  I still have to organize my 12×12 paper.  I ordered some vertical paper holders after the unfortunate experience with my file trolley which got kicked to the curb when I could NOT get the stupid thing put together (I think it was warped).  So anyway, I’m not sure if I’m going to have enough room for my paper but we’ll see.  I might have to do some rearranging.