Ok, I’m a tad late hopping onto this bandwagon but that’s the beauty of TiVO…I got caught up on back episodes this weekend.  Here are my thoughts…

“See ya later, decorator” – Who in their right mind actually says things that with a straight face?  They don’t make Heidi Klum say dorky things so why do they make Jonathan Adler say stupid stuff?

Carisa – I hate this girl and can’t believe they kicked Goil off and she’s still on.  I would never hire her and she annoys the life out of me.

Todd Oldham’s voice – I get that they have to re-record his voice sometimes – I noticed that with Heidi on Project Runway occasionally – but he could not sound more fake if he tried.  Is he nervous?  Does he always sound like he’s reading cue cards even in real life?  You can tell he knows what he’s doing but his voice makes him sound like a crappy actor.  Tim Gunn, he ain’t.

Goil – Loved this guy.  I hate that he got kicked off.  He reminded me a lot of Vern Yip of Trading Spaces fame.  Probably because he’s Asian and an architect-turned designer.  I’d have him design my space anyday.