On a whim week before last, before picking Aidan (my daughter) up from day care, I stopped into the PX and was wandering around the gardening section.  I ran across 2 bags of strawberry plants so I decided that Aidan and I would plant our very own little “Victory Garden” together.  Our yard is far from landscaped so I thought some little plants might help our “curb appeal”.  

I also got a pink hydrangea plant and a window ledge herb garden for my kitchen.  Today I finally got around to starting our little garden.  Apparently Georgia has red clay!  I’m sure many people knew this but it was a bit of a surprise to me.  About 6 inches down the red clay begins.  I remember the Little League park where I spent most of my childhood springtimes had a big pile of red dirt for the fields that they paid big money for.  Maybe I ought to dig my yard up and sell some dirt to make some money?  😉

We got the strawberries planted, 20 little plants and the pink hydrangea.  My prissy little girl WOULD not get dirty.  She had no problem watching the bugs crawl and loved carrying around one of the bags of strawberry plants.  I was quite surprised since she loves playing in her food.  I hope they grow well and we’re able to enjoy some fresh strawberries this summer.

Strawberry plants