As mentioned previously, I have a very small kitchen.  Since it’s a 60+ year old house and has pretty much never been updated, the kitchen is just way small.  The only update I can really see is that they took out a big section of counters and cabinetry to add washer/dryer hook-ups.  So, as a result I have 3 upper cabinets and 3 lower cabinets and 3 drawers (not counting under the sink but I don’t keep food or serving-type stuff there). 

Fortunately, in the trade off, I got a breakfast nook which I’m converting into a “Craftnook” and a HUGE pantry/closet which is currently housing a bevy of unpacked boxes that I haven’t gotten to.   Maybe one day before we move on to our next duty station or the new housing that will replace this at some point, I’ll get those boxes unpacked.  😉

 I’ve decided to tackle the design of the kitchen to start out with.  Before Ryan left he painted the kitchen a beautiful avocado green (Waverly Classics “Slate Green” from Lowes) and hung wallpaper border.  I’m not totally jazzed about the border…he did it because the ceiling/wall joint area is far, far, far from straight and it was pretty much impossible to get a straight line so he painted up to about an inch from the ceiling and put border up.  Aside from that, there’s pretty much nothing decorative in the room.

I recently won these curtains on Ebay.

Kitchen Curtains

I got them today but I haven’t hung them yet because a) I have no hardware and b) I’m not sure if I completely like them yet.  The greens match well but I’m still unsure.  We shall see.