Welcome to my new blog!  My name is Tara and I am an *almost* (not quite) 30 year old mother of a very independent toddler and wife of a soldier in the Army who is currently deployed to the ‘box.  We live on an Army post (hence the name of the blog) in old officer housing with 60+ year old original hardwood floors (my favorite part of the house!) and an excruciatingly tiny kitchen (my least favorite part of the house). 

In a previous life (read: pre-Army), I was a lemming and followed all of my girlfriends around and “embraced” the Pottery Barn aesthetic for home decor because they said it was what I should do.  But now that I’m older, wiser and have a little more life under my belt, I’ve discovered that I don’t need to follow others around…that I should embrace my own style and discover my own aesthetic.  So here I am…

 I plan on using this blog to share interesting finds that I encounter on my frequent late night jaunts onto the internet.  Some I may wind up purchasing or making for use in my own home, others may be mere pipe dreams.  Basically I hope for this to be a big “binder” full of ideas to turn my cookie-cutter military housing into something of my own.

So, lets get on with it.  Feel free to post links to things, sites and/or blogs you think I may like, comments on items I’ve posted, etc.  Enjoy!